Happy Presidents Day

Whether you spell it President's, Presidents', or Presidents we can all agree on the number of Presidents, right?  Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States (POTUS), but since Grover Cleveland was the 22nd and 24th POTUS...well, anyway we have lots of interesting books about the Presidents.  Check these out!


Brad's Horror List!

Need a Halloween Horror movie idea?

Brad has you covered!  Request a movie from us here, request it from another library, or just give us a call!  269-782-3826

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre--Halloween--Friday the 13th--A Nightmare on Elm Street--From Beyond--Re-Animator--Night of the Living Dead--The Shining--Misery--They Live--Jeepers Creepers--Old Boy--Plan 9 From Outer Space--Ash Vs. Evil Dead--Sleep away Camp--The Howling--The Burning--Troll 2--Prom Night--When a Stranger Calls--The Exorcist--Rosemary’s Baby--Phantzum--Pet Cemetery--Killer Clowns from Outer Space--C.H.U.D--Creepshow--The Omen--The Conjuring--Sinister--Insidious--American psycho--Psycho--Cabin in the Woods--Jaws--An American Werewolf in London--Dracula--White Zombie--House of a 1000 corpses--The Thing--Wolf Man--Frankenstein--Silence of the Lambs--The People Under the Stairs--Jacob's Ladder--Fear--Rubber--Village of the Damned--Horror High--Dawn of the Dead--Day of the Dead--The Green Inferno--Hostel--Cabin Fever--Cannibal Holocaust--Last House On The Left--Scream--Urban Legends--Wolf Creek--Hellraiser--Darkman--Candyman--Drag Me to Hell--I Saw the Devil--Don’t Breathe--Get Out--Cape Fear--Wicker man (the old one)--V/H/S--Don’t Look Now--The Stuff--Saw--The Fly--28 days later--The Ring--Alien--Poltergeist--It--The Dead Zone--From Hell--The Puppet Master--Child’s Play--Planet Terror/Death Proof--House--Feaks--The Vanishing--Carrie (the old one)--Henry--Dahmer--Altered States--Ginger Snaps--House on Haunted Hill--Seven--The Island of Dr. Monroe--Donnie Darko--I Spit on your Grave--Snowpiercer--The Red Eye--Blair Witch Project--Tucker and Dale vs Evil--Near Dark--The Lost Boys--My Bloody valentine--Pumpkinhead--Silent Night Deadly Night--Black Christmas--Tales from the Crypt--Twilight Zone--Hocus Pocus--The Strangers--Shaun of the Dead--Zombieland--The Devi's Rejects--Nosferatu--The Amityville Horror--Manhunter--The Return of the Living Dead--Near Dark--Cujo--The Blob--The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Part 2)--April Fool's Day--The Hitcher--Children of the Corn--Gremlins