Brad's Horror List!

Need a Halloween Horror movie idea?

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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre--Halloween--Friday the 13th--A Nightmare on Elm Street--From Beyond--Re-Animator--Night of the Living Dead--The Shining--Misery--They Live--Jeepers Creepers--Old Boy--Plan 9 From Outer Space--Ash Vs. Evil Dead--Sleep away Camp--The Howling--The Burning--Troll 2--Prom Night--When a Stranger Calls--The Exorcist--Rosemary’s Baby--Phantzum--Pet Cemetery--Killer Clowns from Outer Space--C.H.U.D--Creepshow--The Omen--The Conjuring--Sinister--Insidious--American psycho--Psycho--Cabin in the Woods--Jaws--An American Werewolf in London--Dracula--White Zombie--House of a 1000 corpses--The Thing--Wolf Man--Frankenstein--Silence of the Lambs--The People Under the Stairs--Jacob's Ladder--Fear--Rubber--Village of the Damned--Horror High--Dawn of the Dead--Day of the Dead--The Green Inferno--Hostel--Cabin Fever--Cannibal Holocaust--Last House On The Left--Scream--Urban Legends--Wolf Creek--Hellraiser--Darkman--Candyman--Drag Me to Hell--I Saw the Devil--Don’t Breathe--Get Out--Cape Fear--Wicker man (the old one)--V/H/S--Don’t Look Now--The Stuff--Saw--The Fly--28 days later--The Ring--Alien--Poltergeist--It--The Dead Zone--From Hell--The Puppet Master--Child’s Play--Planet Terror/Death Proof--House--Feaks--The Vanishing--Carrie (the old one)--Henry--Dahmer--Altered States--Ginger Snaps--House on Haunted Hill--Seven--The Island of Dr. Monroe--Donnie Darko--I Spit on your Grave--Snowpiercer--The Red Eye--Blair Witch Project--Tucker and Dale vs Evil--Near Dark--The Lost Boys--My Bloody valentine--Pumpkinhead--Silent Night Deadly Night--Black Christmas--Tales from the Crypt--Twilight Zone--Hocus Pocus--The Strangers--Shaun of the Dead--Zombieland--The Devi's Rejects--Nosferatu--The Amityville Horror--Manhunter--The Return of the Living Dead--Near Dark--Cujo--The Blob--The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Part 2)--April Fool's Day--The Hitcher--Children of the Corn--Gremlins